Monday, February 8, 2010


These are the Illusion Markers for War in the Age of Magic, a 15mm scale Fantasy miniatures game. The controlling player places three of these on existing terrain sections to indicate that they may be an illusion.

The Illusions are a set of three, made with foamcore, pink insulation foam, MDF and painted with acrylics. The cotton is used to represent clouds over a mountain range. The illusions are not really meant to be in 15mm scale, but a flat representation of something the soldiers might see off in the distance when viewd from their point of view on the table top. My goal was to create something that did not look quite real, to give it a flat quality befitting an illusion or mirage.


  1. Hi
    Is this for the Peter Pig rules 'War in the Age of Magic'?
    Nice blog!

  2. Hi Sean, yes it is, and thank you!
    I am looking forward to trying these rules out with the friend I made this stuff for.

    Have you played it yet? Let me know what you thought if so.