Monday, March 12, 2012

Tavern WIP

I have been steadily working on a big giant tavern project, here are some Work in Progress pics. Most miniatures gamers who like fantasy stuff will at some point desire a tavern for tavern bralws. This piece started as a facade for a table edge, almost dollhouse style, and has since developed in to a 3 piece behemoth.

The Tavern has been designed in 3 sections: a facade, an open floor, and a single top piece to combine them. The Final part of the which tavern is pictured here, is designed to be a self standing piece as well. Both the facade and the top piece are made so that they can be used as table edge terrain.

More to come when time allows, also keep an eye on my the Valley of Isk Facebook page for more pics:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Villa Giovanzana

Welcome to the Villa Giovanzana! This is home to one of Ravenswood's wealthy noblemen, who's family vineyards are well known throughout the Reikland.

The Villa evolved from two projects; a hill with Gazebo attached was combined with the beginning of a timberframe house. This was also my first experiment using single sided corrugated cardboard to create a pantile roof effect. As I recently purchased a 25' roll of the stuff, you will be seeing a lot more pantile roofs (not to mention my recent forays in to Rennaisance Venice via Assassin's Creed).

I you are interested in seeing more pics, head on over to my facebook page:

Incidentally this piece is also for sale through my webstore:

Tell all your friends!!! :)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

War Torn Ruins

Welcome back to the Valley of Isk Project Blog!! After a great deal of thought and some testing of the blog on my web store, I have decided to KEEP this blog after all, as blogger has some great features that are missing in Wordpress.

It has been a loooooooong time since my last post. During this time away there has been lots of stuff going on, and stuff always has a way of distracting us from posting to our blogs. I have a new web store up, a facebook page and lots of stuff in the works!

Hopefully I can get a post up here per week or so. Also keep an eye on my Valley of Isk Facebook page and the Vallley of Isk website for more cool projects.

Up today are a few pics of the War Torn Ruins I have been working on. These started out their lives as quick and dirty ruins for a few games of Mordheim and later evolved in to something a bit more elaborate. I will be adding a lot more pictures, including "work in progress" pics to the Valley of Isk facebook page.

During the course of working on them I developed several new techniques, including the use of a new material for making shingles. The shingles were cut from a thin sheet of wood which gives them a lot more depth than heavy card and makes them easier to custom size; you can ealisy snap a wood shingle in half to fill smaller spaces when necessary.

I also perfected the use of a hot tool plugged in to a dimmer switch for controlling the heat setting, and used it to create the stonework at the base of these pieces. This method is pretty quick and creates deeper grooves between the stones than using the ball point pen on foam method.