Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Here are some pics of 15mm scale Bocage (French Hedgerows in Normandy) recently finished on commission. There are 35 pieces of Bocage in this first set. I will be making additional pieces soon with the ground at a higher level, as I feel these were just a bit on the low side. All of the fences are scratch built from bass wood. I used a low temp glue gun to attach the tree foliage, and a normal glue gun for the hedges.

These are a variation on the bocage tutorial from the D-Day Flames of War supplement. I modified the design by making them a bit wider and rounding off the ends instead of doing a straight cut (90 degree). I felt this would allow them to blend with the table better, and also discovered that corners, t-sections and such are really not necessary; with a rounded end you can but these up against each other with ease. Just make sure the hedge material comes all the way to the end of each piece.

We played a quick game of "Song of Drums and Shakos” by Ganesha Games using 15mm Napoleonics on this table and had a great time!

You may notice a few other scenic items here: vineyards, a villa, and some extra trees, a couple of fields and swamp pieces; these were made by various other terrain artists. Great looking table methinks!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Modular Riverbanks

These Riverbank sections are designed to allow players a flexible system for creating either a wide variety of layouts. Each section is made of EPS foam mounted on MDF and painted with interior matte latex paints. I have illustrated just a few of the possible layouts using these pieces, and included a 28mm scale fantasy ruin (in progress) for scale.

The panels beneath the riverbanks are 2'x4' water and grass boards.