Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Docks WIP shots

Aquisition of a mini miter saw from Micro Mark has significantly accelerated production time for the docks of Bogenhafen. I have 3 piers and 5 dock sections assembled. Here are some wip pics to show the progression of the whole layout including the quay. Questions and comments are always welcome. More coming soooooon


  1. Looking good!

    Where are the ships from? In my madder moments I think about creating a few ships/large boats to use for WHFB/Mordheim/WHFRP, and these look like they might fit the bill...

  2. Very interesting to use the playmobil pirate ship
    I´m going to look for my old one ;-)

  3. These are PLaymobil ships, fairly inexpensive used through ebay. They are nearly perfect, some converting and a nice paint job will really make them shine.

    Thank you for the comments / questions :))