Saturday, February 27, 2010

Slums of Bogenhafen WIP (Mordheim)

Here are a few Morheim style ruined buildings I am working on to add to the Bogenhafen Layout.

I have started a few new techniques with my buildings worth noting:

1. Roof Shingles are now made from a thin wood veneer. I cut them in to strips, stack the strips and use a mini-mitre saw to produce them. This gives the shingles a meatier look, plus I can snap them on the fly if I need to fill gaps.

2. Tight Bases: I am now cutting the bases of each building to the exact contour of the footprint (or as close as possible). I noticed in a recent game that we had trouble positioning a model on a corner due to the base sticking out about 1 cm, so I am going to eliminate the excess base material.

3. Banisters / Railings: I have developed a fast technique for railings and banisters. The bottom is foam core, with toothpicks poked in to the foam edge, followed by 2 or three thin strips at the top.

The slums of Bogenhafen are the aftermath of a brutal siege by the Axebite orc tribe. Fierce combat spilled through the North wall of the city and greenskins occupied the neighborhoods on the north side of the river Bogen for nearly three weeks before reinforcements from Altdorf finally arrived to drive the orcs back to their lair in the Grey Mountains.

Efforts to rebuild these devastated areas have been slowed by the expansion of the docklands, leaving the majority of Bogenhafen’s peasantry homeless or living in squalid conditions of ruined homes. There have been numerous requests for relief aid sent to Emperor Karl Franz, but so far Altdorf has been slow to respond.


  1. Those are some perfect ruins! I like them a lot. They perfectly represent the Mordheim atmosphere, plus they seem to be very usable for game play. I can't wait to see the finished table.

  2. hi! You do very interesting things! I want to invite you to my blog dedicated to the wargame terrain. Maybe there you will find something useful for yourself (sorry for my english).

  3. Thanks Cianty! I am excied to get the first batch done, quick and dirty!!

    Arny I'll go have a look, thank you very much for the heads up. Nice Avatar!

  4. Outstanding! The railings, balconies, and exposed beams really add to the atmosphere of the building. Really inspirational stuff!