Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spanish Caribbean Set

I completed the Spanish Caribbean set on commission in March, 2010. They are assembled from resin kits made by Brigade Games

The Hacienda is part of a set of buildings for Spanish Caribbean miniatures gaming and would be great for games such as Gloire and Legends of the High Seas.

The scale of these are close to 25mm, and would be a bit small along side 28mm scale miniatures, but still passable. The quality of the kits are good, but I would be very very careful around the railings and posts on the Hacienda terrace. I opted to have the roof tops removable for the second floors and terrace. To do this for the terrace I installed two support posts on the wall (painted white in the photos) and used a strip of balsa on the underside of the roof as a guide rail. The roof tops are a bit thin so I reinforced them with foam core to keep them from breaking during heated battles.

The bases are MDF. Glues used are epoxy, hot glue and super glue. I filled any gaps with a vinyl spackle.


  1. Great job on the buildings! I was considering buying them for LotHS some time ago. It's great to see them from different angles here. Cool stuff!

  2. Yes, Brigade games needs more angles on their site; also to help the people who bought them and are figuring out how to paint them.

    Thanks Cianty! Now to swing by and see what you are up to...