Friday, May 14, 2010

The Chasm: Complete set with the Deep Woods

Here are a few pics demonstrating the modular aspect of he Chasm pieces, combined with some massive redwood trees from my Deep Woods project.

I threw down some Beastmen and Wood Elf models from my collection to give a sense of the scale of the pieces, which are probably some of the largest pieces I have made to date.


  1. Wow, good job. What did you use for those large trees?

  2. Hello T,

    the trees were on sale at a craft store after one christam many years ago. They are wire and astroturf. I mounted them in dowels, then sprayed them dark green and flocked them. the dowels were scored with a razor saw to create a simple bark effect. There is one set of redwoods that i sculpted the trunk for; it took a bit of time but looks pretty awesome. You may notice the taodstoos on the side.

  3. I agree with twhitty - this looks great. The trees give a totally different dimension to the chasm.

    Once again, very well done.