Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Killer Cacti

These vicious plants were cobbled together in about three hours for the game “Armageddon Hour” by Ganesha Games.
I used Apoxie Sculpt and toothpicks, the holes for the spikes were made with a dremel. The toothpicks were glued in with super glue.
These pics were snapped prior to finishing the highlights on the bases; there is some desert terrain behind them that is still in 2nd stage painting .
I have heard that Armageddon Hour is a brutal game that is very difficult to win; I’ll be making 3D boards for it this month so stop back for more on that…


  1. Very very nice - I normally get past this level with only a few wounds...

    As for the boards - cannot wait to see these.

    Have you told the Yahoo group about this plan?


  2. Hey Andrew,

    Will do once I get started on them; hope to get going this week.
    Thanks for the comment :)